Cheap Compact Digital Cameras in the Digital Age

Post 2010, with the saturation of smartphones into the market, everyone could own an an integrated high megapixel digital camera. This reduced the novelty of owning a standalone camera. However despite the integration of cellphones and digital cameras there is still a huge scope and demand for the camera as a stand alone technology. Having a separate device allows for a great many more features and avenues of creative expression. It also provides a variety of lens and accessory options not available on a smartphone. An extensive range of cameras are available, from your low range affordable basic point and shoots, to the mid range offering more complex handling functions and manual dial controls, to your waterproof / shockproof adventure variety, to your high end mirrorless range desired by even industry professionals. Some photographers are now choosing to replace their traditional SLR kits for the more lightweight and compact option of an advanced mirrorless, for example some of the latest offerings from Olympus and Leica. They have all the functions of heavy duty SLRs, a wide range of lenses and accessories, but at a more affordable price, and in a more easy to manage weight and size.

Source: DigitalcameraNinja